How do I know which class to book in to?

Currently I teach 2 styles of Vinyasa yoga, Gentle Vinyasa, and Flow. Gentle is brilliant for those thinking of starting yoga as we work with the basics whereas in Flow, we may use more breath work and advanced poses. In both however there are plenty of options so please just come along and let me know at the start of the class if you are nervous of have any questions. Please just email me if you would like to ask anything in advance. 


We will move through a gentle, fun flow together with an emphasis on nourishing our bodies through breath and movement. Gentle Vinyasa is perfect for beginners, those wanting to take it a bit easier and anyone who would like to build strength through the basics. If you’re thinking of trying yoga this is a great introduction.


A fluid and creative class with an emphasis on strength building through breath work and continuous movement. We will explore different poses together in a playful manner from sun salutations and standing poses, to hip openers and inversions. All levels welcome.

I'm not flexible enough for yoga..

As cliched as this may sound, yoga is much more about your own personal journey and listening to your body, not what a pose looks like. Listen to your body and be present in the moment. When you tune into the sensations you're feeling and engage with your breath you can often surprise yourself, gently easing into it. 

Yoga can so often help flexibility, back pain, muscle tension, so be patient, open minded and listen to your body on that day. You will very likely feel different day to day, morning to evening. Practicing regularly will open new doors. 

What do I need to bring with me? 

If you have a mat, please do bring unless specified for the particular class. If you are just beginning and don't have a mat just yet, a towel will do! Bare feet provide brilliant grip, just as nature intended! But if you don't feel comfortable with that, grippy socks also work wonders. Wear light comfortable clothing and bring a couple of layers. Its usually nice to start with a long sleeve on and as we warm up de-layer. You will probably want this layer back as we start to ease off in the later half of the class.