72 hours in Copenhagen

In January, Steve and I celebrated 5 years together (a real adult milestone) and to celebrate, we both, unbeknownst to the other, booked flights to Copenhagen to celebrate. Turned out we were booked on the same flights at the same time but luckily Ryanair were kind! Denmark was somewhere we had both been dying to visit, Copenhagen in particular for its design culture. Luckily we found out about the double booking in December so we had a month together to plan our trip fully! Our AirBNB came with bikes to we spent most of our time cycling around the city, in minus weather conditions, stopping off in little shops (we bought a lot for the new flat), design landmarks and anywhere with good food and coffee. 

Food wise, if you want some good porridge to heat you up, head to Grod (it's an art form in this place). I had been following them in Instagram for months, dreaming about their salted caramel, apple and almond porridge, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The Round Tower (an old observatory) is also somewhere you can't miss out on a trip to the city. You enter up a curved cobbled path which runs up the centre of the tower and opens out to incredible views over the city. It must be one of the tallest buildings because you get the most amazing view. We spend our first afternoon up there in the snow, our cameras (and hands) stopped working because it was so cold but it's totally worth it! Head to Jagersborggade in Norrebro for a snoop at local, independent designers. The street was filled with jewellers, ceramicists, lighting designers, coffee shops, knitwear and cacti! Needless to say this was a big shopping day for us. 

  I couldn't recommend it more for a long weekend away. You can't help but fall in love with the city, they just seem to have got the balance right. Shops shut early to allow people a weekend, the cycle lane is just as big as the car lanes yet cars are rarely used and everyone seems to be moving at a much more reasonable pace (no rushing around stuffing food in your face). It's definitely somewhere we will be going back to visit, to stock up on bit and pieces for our home if nothing else!