A lazy Sunday spent at the Botanic Gardens

Last weekend we had a rare occasion of Steve and I both being off work, no immediate plans and a sunny day! Whenever the opportunity arises, we will get outside and stay outside for as long as possible. We had friends staying the night before so after a slightly slow morning of coffee and brunch, we waved them goodbye and pottered off to the Botanic Gardens. We finally spend the money to enter into the big greenhouses, the ones which house the cracking succulents, cacti and more adventurous plants! Totally worth it, I was in my element.

We discovered a wee pond filled with Koi Carp.. Magical creatures who can cure even the most fuzzy of heads. They make great confidants and I sat at the bridge with them for a good 15-20 minutes. It was such a nice way to spend a quiet Sunday and gave Steve and I some much needed time together as well as being able to pick out some new plant ideas for the flat! I have decided to extend my love of growing greenery and have started painting them.... They might be shit but i'll give it a shot!