How many iron rich foods can you fit into one glass?

So yes, I am writing about the relatively generic green smoothie. In my defence a) I am a massive fan, and b) I think I have mastered a thing or two regarding the components of said smoothie over the past year.  Following an illness and being diagnosed as severely anaemic just over a year ago I speedily went into 'stuff as many iron rich products in my face as possible' mode in an attempt to avoid nasty processed iron tablets (they make you feel crap). It turns out also that Cheerios are one of the most iron rich cereals if you felt more inclined to live on a diet of those. Anyway, smoothies; time and ingredient dependant, I try to make one of these every day, usually as my breakfast or if i'm feeling piggy, as a second breakfast. You can pretty much throw anything into them depending on how savoury/ sweet you want it and what time of day it is. 


For breakfast I usually have a pretty generic base:

- a small handful of oats (use something fairly substantial and not just an express porridge pack)

- 300ml coconut water ( you can replace this with milk if you fancy but I don't really like drinking that much dairy. I'll sometimes use coconut milk)

Then the fun part starts, this is pretty much my daily routine but i'll write down below other things you can throw in. 

-1 kiwi

- 1/2 an avocado

-2 large handfuls of spinach (you need a lot for it to have an affect)

- grated fresh ginger (how much you put in depends on how much of a kick you want)

- 1/4 a pineapple ( I usually buy frozen)

- 10 (ish) green grapes

- a spinkle of chaiseeds

- 1 tspn Bioglan Supergreens. I find this is a really good way to get some extra vitamins and minerals into my body without having to try and fit more in a nutribullet cup! I haven't tried many others but from what I have, this is definitely the best as packing a punch without having a questionable flavour!

Obviously there are so many other options but I definitely think this is one of the best for a tasty, iron and vitamin rich smoothie. 
Other options I love:

- Banana, almond butter, chai, coconut milk & avocado, 

- Berry, mint, water, ice

- banana, berry, kale, coconut water, kiwi, supergreens. Just bare in mind how much kale you put into this. It can disagree with the stomach if you eat a lot when it's uncooked but it has a much higher iron content than spinach so you don't need nearly as much.

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