Where Did January Go?!

All of a sudden its almost February. 2015 brought some amazing experiences; I graduated from University, went on an amazing holiday with my family, exhibited my jewellery in London, started a new job and began flat hunting with my boyfriend. Given all this, I am super excited to see what this new phase of my life holds. For me january is always a bit of a whirlwind and is over before you can say Happy New Year! My intention was to have my goals for the year set and this blog up and running at the start of the month but one thing led to another; throwing myself into my job, getting caught up in the process of securing a flat, celebrating 5 years with my partner and a trip away (all very exciting I may add!). This all lead to a 'blink and you've missed it' month. 

It's now January 30th. I flew back from Copenhagen a couple of days ago and having a few days off really gave me some head space. I felt like I had been given a kick up the toosh this morning and after a quick workout to try and rid myself of the many danish pastries consumed in the last 72 hours, I sat down to write my goals. This isn't something I had been particularly prone to before but when I started working at Lululemon its something they encourage you to do to help you progress down the right path. 

The best thing to do is put yourself in a quiet, relaxing space.  Take a deep breath and start off by writing your vision, 10 years from now, with no financial or environment barriers. This is probably the most daunting but fun part; where are you, who are you with, what are you doing? You then set 3 goals, 10 years from now, then 5, then 1, within the parameters of personal, career & health. The idea is you write your vision and 10 years, and then the goals for 5 years and 1 year from now are a direct trickle back making a path for you to work through. Be honest when writing them, they are for you and no one else, be brave but also realistic; don't set yourself something that you couldn't possibly achieve in that time. The exciting thing about writing these down is it somehow makes them more tangible and in voicing them, makes you more likely to achieve. The likelihood is you won't achieve them all but even achieving 60% is great! Try and think of what you can do each week that can take you one step closer to your goals. 

One of my own main goals is to build my website and get my blog up and running in the next month, so here goes! The main thing I have discovered in the past few months is how much I miss being creative so i'm hoping this will be an exciting outlet. The plan is to post each week on a mixture of topics including lifestyle, events and interiors alongside some photography and film making. 

Finally i'd like to say thank you for actually reading this! I haven't a clue who, if anyone will actually read and subscribe to my blog but I'm hoping I can create something half decent for people to enjoy! See you all (now here's the test) next week! Better get my diary in order.