The first flat edit

So admittedly I have been a bit MIA over the past couple of weeks. Roughly 6 weeks ago Steve and I moved into our first flat together, just a rental at the moment but it was still in need of a lot of work. The landlord was kind enough to agree to pay for the materials if we did the labour so we were able to get a flat in Stockbridge which had been our number one area for a while (so many beautiful markets, greenery and baked goods!). The flat had become quite outdated and rough around the edges so we agreed that we would fit a new kitchen, bathroom flooring and paint the whole flat. I say we, I was more of a motivational and culinary force while Steve nailed the physical labour (excuse the pun). Turns out when you do that kind of thing 5 days a week you get pretty efficient at it so I just wasn't up to his pace! (Cue my cheering, hammer holding and constant cups of tea). Because of out working hours we haven't been able to do any work on weekdays, so our weekends have been pretty jam packed! With the kitchen almost finished I was looking back at the first few sets of photos in the flat and couldn't quite believe how far we (Steve) had gotten the place!

It has taken us longer than expected but its amazing we finally have somewhere that we have our own stamp on. I would be lying if I said it hadn't been stressful but it is so much fun having a place of our own and it has now been handed over to me to look pretty and kit out in some great prints and pieces of design. YAY! 

As soon as we are a little bit more settled and I can have my wicked way with the flat I will get some decent, more attractive images up!