Let's talk about... Headspace

I'm sitting on the sofa in my parents house after what has been a pretty busy (but enjoyable) weekend. Usually I get Sunday off but worked both days this weekend so made sure to pack as much friend and family time around it as possible. Having my first weekend to myself in the flat I wanted to make the most of it and get loads of odd jobs done. Due to spending time with friends it didn't all happen so unfortunately I'm starting the week already feeling like I'm chasing my tail. This is usually how my weekends goes and these are the words I will take to bed on a Sunday night.   

 What I have come to realise recently is I feel the need to go 100 miles a minute. For me it's important to make the most of the day and fit in everything I need to. I say 'need' in a loose sense because the more I talk about it the more I realise my definition is somewhat inaccurate. The world won't end because I don't hang up the washing, go for a run or get a blog post up that day. Sure it's annoying, but life can and will go on. I have always been a pretty hectic person; when I was at school I was either in class, studying or at one of hockey, skiing, dance classes, choir or CCF so 'down time' in the traditional sense wasn't really part of my week. I wouldn't ever have had it any other way but this has definitely filtered through to my adult life. Post EColi I found myself back as University having missed 3 months and determined to complete my degree in the original time (even though everyone suggested I defer) so once again, time wasn't on my side. I had to be really strict with myself, making sure I was sleeping and eating enough to stop my health dropping whilst trying to churn out a killer final jewellery collection. I think I have been programmed to thrive under pressure... Not always the healthiest but in the context of education this works, take that forward into your everyday life & it can be useful, but also has the potential to get a bit tricky.

The same need to pack my day and feel a sense of achievement is still there, what is missing now is the importance of the tasks. My anxiety surrounding my health and food was through the roof once I left the distractions of uni and spent most days feeling like I was on the verge of a panic attack. YOGA. Over the past 8 months I have thrown myself into yoga which has proved to be an absolute godsend. Almost without fail I will leave a class feeling lighter than when I entered and I started to notice how much better my weeks were going when I was practicing yoga 3-4 times a week and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who gets overwhelmed easily. 

As I started writing this I had hit 2 weeks having only attended 1 class and could feel myself getting antsy. 'Me time' is always the first thing to go when you get busy but it's definitely something I am much more conscious of. I feel I am approaching 25 and becoming much more aware of how I treat my body and knowing what's right for it. One of my friends (and inspirational yoga teacher) Tessa takes an amazing restorative class every Thursday night which I have started making sure I attend. Set in a bright, window filled loft space she guides an intimate class through a flow followed by restorative postures and along with the use of essential oils, taking you to another level of calm. Even if everything else in my life feels like its scrambled, I head to this class and come out feeling like I am floating on a cloud and nothing can shake me. Thursday nights are my night.

Making time for headspace can be tricky. We live in a fast paced world that encourages and demands us to be on the go all the time and constantly connected to technology and somehow it has become frowned upon if you verge away from this! I am realising its more and more important for us to make time for ourselves and our thoughts, acknowledging how you feel giving that time to settle. Im in the process of making sure once a week, be that my day off on a Sunday, an hour on Thursday evenings or a moment focussing on breath perched in the sun, to sit and practice the idea of headspace. I'll let you know how it goes, its very much a work in progress. 

If you fancy giving it a go, get yourself started with the Headspace app. It's great for a quick 10 minutes on the morning commute. And if all else fails, remember to talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. Be kind.