The Unicorn Effect

So here it is. The big one. The game changer. The blog to make me (as I proclaimed when I was morphined off my t***), an international blogger.


Yep, you heard right. I am more than happy to admit that on turning 26 (and in the year running up to it), I received several Unicorn related gifts. I was a big fan as a child, less so in my adolescence however in my mid 20's I had a resurgence.

Some may put this simple down to fashion and being 'basic'. I however, find a lot of enjoyment from the magical spirit of the Unicorn. I'm being serious here. I feel like I have hit an age where I genuinely don't care if people know I have a unicorn dressing gown & slippers, see my sparkly pencil case or the magical creature hanging from my car keys (to prove it I am going to show you below... just you contain your excitement over this compelling image). Genuinely though, I don't give two hoots if I'm judged for it because it makes me oh so happy.

The more people I have been exposed to who suffer with chronic illness, the more I have seen a common thread running through images of the said Unicorn. I truly believe if you have been to hell and back, for whatever reason to be honest, you feel like you have something in common with these magical creatures. If you've been in that dark place you know just how much a bit of sparkle and magic can pull you up. And when it does, it feels pretty miraculous. Finding yourself on the other side of a tough time can be quite magical.

When I was discharged from hospital the first time, my mum bought me a unicorn dressing gown and one of my best friends, unicorn slippers. Add the mug and unicorn heat sack Steve bought me into the equation, I was quite a picture. Was I aged 5 or 25, who knew!

* Here you get a little insight into the essence of (left) post diagnoses and (right) post op Katie putting on a brave face but feeling like total shit. Not even remotely convincing! *

The balloon I woke up to and danced with on my birthday this year probably put one of the biggest smiles on my face that day. Steve's knows me only too well! Today (August 5th, 6 weeks since said Birthday), I'm sadly having to admit defeat and send his deflected self on his merry way. (It's August 14th when this is going up - said balloon is still hovering just off the floor in the corner of my room). 

They're not something everyone understands, not something everyone is going to get. Definitely not something everyone finds socially acceptable, but Unicorns are a little bit of sparkle, a little bit spiritual, and a hell of a lot magical ✨

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